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 About 2 Fools and Their Moulah: 

A family stable owned by brothers Vinnie and Mike.

Vinnie "FriedYams" : MBA & Masters in statistics. PHD student. Professional gambler. Lover of all things golf. 

Mike "SoulsVanish" : Programmer & game theorist by trade & hobby. Gamer.

Our involvement in the crypto and poker communities is what led us to Within hours of buying our first horse, we were hooked!

Our mission with 2 Fools and Their Moulah has always been twofold:

1) bolster the community and everyone in it

2) build one of the premier racing and breeding stables

We take both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the game. We specialize in breeding and identifying the highest quality horses, utilizing analytical and heuristic models created in house.

The stable is home to many of the most successful broodmares in Novus Earth as well as many of the top racers. Some of our more recognizable horses are: Genuine Risk, Phil's HeIIacious Seed, My Little Racer, Yacht Club Member, Lucilla Aurelius, Jhenz, Digital Love, Trail Beyond, Blueface, Victorious Pains, Asteroid Fusion & Moulah Moulah....

For questions, comments and updates you can follow us on twitter @2FoolsMoulah or reach us on discord.

For stable talk you can follow @MoulahMoulah

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